Kissed by Gaia, Mala

  • 108 Gemstone Japamala 
  • Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, Kunzite
  • Handmade in the South of France
  • Hand knotted using dark ivory thread
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Crystal Healing
  • 18k gold vermeil details and crescent moon pendant.

Affirmation: I am ready to receive the abundance of life.

Our Kissed by Gaia Mala reminds you to embody your divine light, for you are the daughter of Gaia. Allow yourself to be open to receive her abundance, wealth and love, for it is infinite and abundant. Let Gaia protect and nurture you. You are a beloved, precious daughter of this universe. Everybody wants to see you shine and whole. Receive your gifts, you can say yes to everyone that wants to help you. You deserve to be loved and taken care of.

Our two Amethysts (chevron and light amethyst) are soothing gems that represent the crown chakra (I know), the chakra that knows you are divine. It supports peaceful communication, coexistence and harmony. Amethyst purifies the mind, body and spirit making it ideal for clarity, meditation, to balance emotions and for anxiety. Amethyst protects against electromagnetic pollution which has been supported by research. In ancient Chinese traditions, Amethyst was also used as an amulet. In Feng Shui, Amethyst is known for bringing wealth & prosperity.

Pink Kunzite is known as the Mother gemstone. Mother Gaia is loving, nurturing and will crack your heart chakra open to allow you to receive love. Adorn yourself in a blanket of unconditional love. Kunzite is used for self-love and for attracting love.

Tourmaline builds resilience towards the perceived negativity in the world and protects against environmental stressors, such as pollutants, toxicity and toxic behaviour. It is also used for vitality, radiance and balancing the chakras and to change the auric field.

When you receive your healing mala, create a ritual to receive her healing energy. Light a candle, smudge the room, put some binaural beats in the background. Surrender to the healing of this magical amulet and trust that she will work on your energy, because she is a skilled and wise healer.