Rose Quartz, Labradorite or Amethyst, Dainty Starburst Bracelet.

  • Choose from Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Labradorite or the Bundle of 3.
  • Gold Plated 
  • Adjustable Strong Elastic.
  • Handmade with Love in the South of France.

These dainty gemstone bracelets can be purchased individually by intentional gemstone or as a bundle. You can layer with your favourite bracelets if you wish, or solo if you prefer a dainty look.

Rose Quartz relates to the heart chakra and is a gemstone for self-love, love, balancing emotions and to embody the Venus archetype.

Labradorite protects your energy, enhances your intuition and phsycic abilities and opens the third eye, allowing transcendance and visions beyond the veil.

Amethyst protects your energy, protects the body from EMF's, relieves stress, opens the crown chakra and direct experience of the Divine, as well as bringing harmony to life and to the home. A favourite of Feng Shui practitioners.