Garnet and Pearl Mala Bracelet

  • Garnet and Pearl.
  • Adjustable Strong Elastic.
  • Handmade in France.

This exquisite garnet and Pearl, aristocracy inspired mala bracelet is the royal meditation bracelet of all the queendom of beauty.

Garnet is a nurturing and grounding stone, that unblocks the root and heart chakra, awakening kundalini energy. It clears emotional disturbance and is energising, supporting movement, action, while strengthening and building resilience. It represents the heart of the rooted shaman, that understands that we are here to grow ourselves into a co-creator of the cosmos.  

Pearl is an ancient sacred talisman in all ancient traditions, such as, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vedic philosophy and for the Sufi's, among others. It is considered the divinity within, the perfection of the soul, abundance and wholeness. Wearing pearl is the sign that you're ready to rule your Queendom with your power of co-creation.