Blue Tourmaline bracelet

Cosmic Mala Bracelet

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This bracelet looks like a night sky, lit by the stars and it's mystery. You are a microcosm of the universe, whole, complete and filled with the energy that creates life. Use this Mala Bracelet to remember this.


Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone is rich in copper which builds blood, immune-system and energy. Blue goldstone helps builds confidence by opening your third eye to see through the veil and see who you truly are, formless eternal cosmic energy.


Blue Tourmaline

Also known as Di Qi Shi, "Electrical Qi Rock', Tourmaline is pyroelectric and piezoelectric that generates electrical charges when heated or under pressure.   In TCM, Tourmaline builds resilience towards the perceived negativity in the world and protects against environmental stressors, such as pollutants, toxicity and toxic behaviour, it is also used for balancing the chakras and to change the auric field. Blue Tourmaline is used in TCM for converting knowledge into wisdom by letting go of the need of pursuing external knowledge by bringing awareness into the internal pursuit of connecting with wisdom of source. It is advised to be used as jewellery to bring a feeling of security and protection.



Pearl is the ultimate symbol of wholeness, because it is the closest nature can come to creating a sphere. Wearing pearl helps us to feel whole and complete. In traditional Chinese medicine pearl is also seen as an egg or semen and is used to balance hormones such as oestrogen and testosterone, so can be used to help imbalances brought by menstruation or menopause. Pearl also is a gemstone to relax and aid with sleep. It is used for detoxification and purity in Chinese medicine. A gemstone for wealth, self-worth and abundance.


  • Handmade in the South of France
  • Gold Vermeil Details and Pendant.
  • 6mm gemstone beads
  • Strong elastic.