Iemanjá, Sea Goddess Mala


Aquamarine is a gemstone that re-installs fluidity and waves of joy that flow back into your heart chakra. It calms and soothes the mind, refreshing those who wear it with a cool, centred sense of clarity. It reminds you to be like the sea, breathing in rythmic patterns, accepting that happiness comes in waves and awakening the depths of your memory that you are a drop in the ocean, whole and one with all that exists. This gemstone works on the abundance mindset and that life is actually a holiday.


Amazonite helps you to embody “La joie de Vivre”, The Joy of living. It brings new enthusiasm and fun, for those that lost their childlike nature, reminding us all that we are the divine children of the universe, exploring with wonder and living our hero’s journey. Great to break old ways set in stone and to bring some fresh zest into life. This mala invites joy, spontaneity and fun, when we are feeling too serious and stuck in our ways.


  • Handmade & hand knotted in the south of France
  • 108, 6mm gemstones (50cm long)
  • Gold moon pendant
  • Gold vermeil details. 
  • Amazonite pendant.