Sacred Smoke Mala



  • 18K Gold Buddha.
  • Lava stone, moonstone, pearl
  • 108 gemstone Mala with closure
  • Handmade with Love in the South of France 
  • Designed by a Traditional Chinese Medicine, crystal healer.
  • Comes in special flower of life, crystal cleansing, packaging.

Affirmation: I am alive and fully present to create with life.

The sacred smoke, lava stone, moonstone and pearl mala is an alchemical combination that uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to awaken the fire that burns within, to awaken your inner dragon and power of becoming fiercely, intentionally the alive and awakened force of nature that you are. Like a dragon, you might have fallen asleep, hidden in a cave. Awaken to find your treasure, your urge to fly and start fires of creative projects, co-creating with creation. 

Lava stone awakens the fire of passion. Moonstone aids you to embody the Goddess, divine feminine energy that is wild, plays and creating a world of abundance. Pearl represents wealth, self-realisation, self-worth, wholeness and purity.

Moonstone awakens femininity, sexuality and creative energy.

Pearl is the ultimate symbol of perfection and wholeness. 

*Malas are not hand-knotted like our japamalas. Our mala necklaces are multi-functional and can be used a double choker, anklet and bracelet.

When you receive your Mala, create a ritual to receive her healing energy. Light a candle, smudge the room, put some binaural beats in the background. Surrender to the healing of this magical amulet and trust that she will work on your energy, because she is a skilled and wise healer.