Transformation Bracelet

  • Tiger's Eye, Hematite & Lava Stone
  • High quality strong elastic. 
  • Handmade in the South of France using the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system of crystal healing.

 Affirmation: I allow transformation to occur with the guidance of the universe.

This powerful Mala bracelet uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system of crystal healing, to deeply heal from trauma, bring nourishment, while activating the solar plexus and root chakra, to embody your highest, human potential. 

Hematite heals the parts of you that feel hurt, broken, abandoned while bringing nourishment, healing and a sense of grounded wholeness. 

Lava stone fuels the solar plexus fire of living a passionate and purpose driven life, as an expression of your soul.

Tiger's Eye will help you to embody the energy and medicine of the wild tiger. It clears the mind bringing clear focus, to help see clearly all that needs to be resolved; while keeping you grounded to smoothly tread a path of abundance, for Tiger's Eye brings wealth and prosperity. A gemstone and bracelet that increases action.